Teresa is one of the most diverse speakers in the industry today. Her uncanny ability to read an audience, her talent for customization, her lauded on-the-spot thinking, her inspiring delivery, and her unwavering professionalism have earned her invitations to speak at:

  • Women's Conferences and Events
  • Businesses & Entrepreneur Programs
  • Innovation Conferences
  • Arts Organizations
  • Writers Conferences and Events
  • Non-profits
  • Youth Organizations and Events
  • K-12 Schools & Colleges
  • Teachers' Conferences
  • Government Agencies
  • Hispanic and Diversity Groups
  • Senior and Veteran Organizations
  • And More

Teresa has been speaking professionally since 2002 and is a member of the National Speakers Association. She was the on-screen host of The Write Series and co-host of the World Positive Thinkers Radio Show. To get a sense of her delivery style, click here to watch one of her instructional or inspirational videos.

To learn more about her writing workshops, click here. To learn more about her school visits, click here.