Exciting News!
You may have heard that Amazon Kindle has launched a new Kids Book Creator, which will allow anyone to create a fully illustrated children’s book! My friends at Children’s Book Insider have put together a fabulous course that demystifies the software and the entire process and even offers suggestions for marketing your book. To learn more, click here.

Professional Organizations to Join


Academy of American Poets www.poets.org
American Fiction Christian Writers http://www.acfw.com/
American Crime Writers League www.acwl.org
Horror Writers Association www.horror.org
The International Women’s Writing Guild www.iwwg.com
Mystery Writers of America www.mysterywriters.org
National Writers Association www.nationalwriters.com
National Writers Union www.nwu.org
Nonfiction Authors Association www.nonfictionauthorsassociation.com
Poetry Society of America www.poetrysociety.org
Romance Writers of America www.rwanational.com
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America www.sfwa.org
Sisters in Crime www.sistersincrime.org
Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators www.scbwi.org
Western Writers of America www.westernwriters.org

Rocky Mountain Region:

Northern Colorado Writers www.ncwc.biz
Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers www.rmfw.org
Wyoming Writers, Inc. www.wyowriters.org

For Self-Published Authors:

Colorado Independent Publishers Association www.cipabooks.com
Small Publishers Association of North America www.SPANnet.org

Writing Contests and Awards:

The easiest place to find information on Contests and Awards is still the Writer’s Market Books (Writer’s Market, Children’s Writer’s Market, Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market, etc.) Check the sections in the back on Contests and Awards

Writers Conferences to Attend:

For a complete and updated list of writing conferences, visit Shaw Guides.

For a breakdown of conferences by region, visit Writer’s Digest and look under “Find Resources.”

A few of my partner conferences:
Colorado Gold Conference
Northern Colorado Writers Conference
Pikes Peak Writers Conference
Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators Conferences
Nonfiction Writers Conference

Great Websites for Writers:

New websites and blogs for and about writers appear and disappear daily. Keep your eyes and ears open for sites your friends and colleagues enjoy and recommend. In the meantime, here are a few to get you started:

Visit Writer’s Digest’s website for a list of their 101 top websites for writers at www.writers.digest.com under “Find Resources.” I recommend many of the sites they have listed, and they update their list annually.

Preditors and Editors: A Guide to publishers and publishing services for writers at: www.anotherealm.com

Poets and Writer’s Magazine Website: www.pw.org. Subscribe to their free newsletter for up-to-date information on contests and events, etc.

Publisher’s Marketplace www.publishersmarketplace.com.
Subscribe to their free daily newsletter on happenings in the publishing industry. For an additional fee ($20 per month) you can get access to their marketplace, where you’ll find updated information on who’s selling what to whom. This can be very helpful when you’re looking for an agent or editor, so I recommend subscribing at least during that time period. For the member’s price you will also get a more thorough daily newsletter.

Children’s Book Insider
This is an excellent resource for children’s book writers. It is full of advice, recommendations, and guides from successful professionals in the field. There is a small monthly membership fee that grants you access to a community of writers, a step-by-step writing course, video instruction and commentary, current publishing news, and much more.

Picture eBook Mastery
This highly efficient course from the creators of Children’s Book Insider walks you through how to create a fully illustrated children’s e-book using Amazon Kindle’s Kids Book Creator software. The course demystifies the entire process, from finding illustrations through publishing and marketing your book.

Writing Blueprints
This website provides writing blueprints to walk you through the writing, publishing, and marketing of your books. Whether writing for children or adults, each blueprint provides instructional video, tips, resources, and interactive PDFs to help you determine the best routes for you!

Word Trippers
A helpful resource to clean up word confusion that can make your writing more concise. You can subscribe to the program for weekly tips and tools.

Masters in English
Check out their “100 Essential Sites for Voracious Readers,” page for some awesome websites to help readers and writers.

Online Learning

Online video lessons by Teresa Funke – Writer’s Coach
I’m now a designated teacher on Curious.com, the world’s foremost website for online learning. Click the orange button above to check out the site to view how-to videos on every subject you’re interested in. You can watch my writing videos here or on my YouTube Channel, Teresa Funke.

Writing Blueprints
This is rapidly becoming one of my favorite sites, but I’m a little biased because they carry some of my webinars and blueprints. You’ll find Blueprints and Power Tools here that take you step by step through the processes of writing and marketing your books.


Association of Authors’ Representatives
The Association of Authors’ Representatives is a not-for-profit organization of qualified literary agents and dramatic representatives of authors, dramatists and other creators and owners of intellectual property.

Building Websites and Blogs

How to Build a Website:
Visit this link to access several helpful tutorials on how to build a website from scratch using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or HTML.

How to Make a Website: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide
In this guide for beginners, you’ll learn how to build your own website quickly in three simple steps.

How to Build a Blog:
Visit this link to access a helpful, step-by-step user guide to setting up and running your first blog.