Accelerated Reader (AR) Quizzes and Family History Worksheet

Click the links to gain access to AR quizzes you can use at your school or with your student. These fun quizzes test your student's knowledge of my books after they've completed reading them.

If you need these quizzes as Word Documents, please e-mail us and we’ll send them to you -

Here you can also find my "Our Family History" worksheet to help encourage students to learn more about their personal family history, particularly as it pertains to World War II.  Access the worksheet Our Family History Worksheet.


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Teresa's books are used as mentor texts and read-alouds by teachers and homeschoolers all over the country.

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Check out Teresa's Team Author Visit with best-selling author Natasha Wing, creator of The Night Before series. Get two authors to serve grades K-8 in one day. To learn more, click here.

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Teresa's books are used as mentor texts and read-alouds by teachers and homeschoolers all over the country.

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Teresa has conducted over 200 assemblies, workshops, and coaching sessions in more than 50 K-12 schools and for numerous homeschool organizations.

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More Resources on This Site

We know ways of teaching and learning are changing. Whether you're online, hybrid, or in-person, we want to help.  Here’s a quick and easy list of all the fun learning tools we have on the site to help your kids engage with history, inspiration, writing instruction, and more.

-- Real Home-Front Heroes - see pictures of the real people on whom I based my characters in my Home-Front Heroes children's books.

--World War II Honorees - see pictures and read about real men and women who helped the war effort.

--World War II Books for Children & Teens - discover more books about the war.

--Teen Writing Resources - find resources to teach and encourage our young writers.

--Discover my inspirational book and blog, Bursts of Brilliance for a Creative Life, where you and your students can stoke your creative spirits.

--Teach children what it's like to be a professional author and give them an exciting lesson about real people who kept American running during another trying time for our nation - World War II with the recording of My Author Journey. 

I'm available to present to children and teenagers wherever they are learning this yearContact me to explore possibilities for author visits, workshops, one-on-ones, and free books for your classrooms. Let's get creative on how best to engage kids and pique their interest in writing and World War II while we navigate new ways of learning.