Teresa Funke & Company, LLC has made it a part of their mission to grow in conjunction with community service. We believe artists are in a unique position to offer creative solutions to real-world problems.

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Your Donations Currently Support:

The Spanish Translation and Distribution of Teresa’s Children’s Book V for Victory.

We’ve received numerous requests over the years from the organizations and families we serve for a Spanish translation of one of Teresa’s children’s books. Many of the schools Teresa visits or donates books to have students who are not yet proficient in English. Teresa feels it is vitally important for their learning and confidence to be able to read one of her Home-Front Heroes books alongside their English-speaking classmates. We also receive numerous requests from the families we serve via our nonprofit partners for a book in Spanish they can read along with their children. Teresa chose to translate V for Victory because it is loosely based on her family’s stories and features a Mexican-American main character, something we don’t often see in children’s historical fiction. By reading this book with their kids, our Spanish-speaking families will also be learning about positive Latino role models in American history.

Book Donations Through Our Nonprofit Partners:

Because Teresa feels book ownership is essential to children’s development and success in school (as well as pleasure), she works with local nonprofits that serve at-risk, low-income, and Latino families to donate free books to their families via her holiday Great Book Giveaway program, summer programs, and special requests.

Home-Front Heroes School Kit Distribution:

You can learn more about the School Kit program on the “Giving Back” page. The program provides classroom sets of Teresa’s books and teaching materials to teachers across the country. During the pandemic, Teresa created a special project to provide 14 kits to five different Native American Reservations to get books into the hands of children in far-flung areas with limited internet access for learning. She hopes to keep her outreach to the reservations going as they recover.

Little Free Library Donations:

Teresa recently donated a Little Free Library to a local mobile home park whose community consists mainly of bilingual families. She stocked the library with children’s books in English, Spanish, and bilingual books for the little kids that their parents could read to them. She plans to upkeep the library and hopes to install two more in communities with special focuses or lack of easy access to public libraries.

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Teresa Funke & Company, LLC is not a 501c3 or a nonprofit of any kind, but in order to provide support and services where we see a need, we could use your help! If you choose to support our highlighted projects, you will not receive a tax receipt or tax deduction, but you can rest assured your contributions will go exactly where you designate and will help us fill needs that have been brought to our attention or directly requested by our nonprofit, education, and community partners. By supporting us here, you enable us to work directly with those who've requested these products or services in the best ways possible.