Bring Teresa's Author Visits to Your School or Homeschool Group

Teresa is a nationally known author and writer's coach. She has been writing and publishing for 30 years and loves helping young writers realize that every child has a voice, a story, and the power to change the world!

Teresa believes that in order to raise writing and literacy scores, students must first connect to those subjects in a personal way. Only then will processes like revision become more appealing. Teresa's writing workshops tie to the standards, are grade appropriate, and are based on teacher input. Her real strength, though, lies in her ability to read her audience or individual students and adapt to their needs. Teresa's flexibility and her vast experience as a professional speaker and writer's coach allows you to build the visit that best suits your school's or classroom's needs whether in-person or virtual.

Teresa Offers:

In-person or virtual:

All-school or All-grade assemblies
Writing Workshops for Grades 3-12
One-on-one and Small Group Coaching with Students
One-on-one Coaching for Teachers
Teacher Workshops
Parent Talks
Book signings or special events

Full-day Visits: 
Include any combination of what is offered above to allow maximum contact with your students and teachers in-person or virtually.
Fee: $1,000

Half-Day Presentations (up to two items from the menu) are available in-person within 30 miles of Fort Collins only, and anywhere virtually.
Fee: $500

Single Presentations: are available in-person within 30 miles of Fort Collins only, and anywhere virtually.
Fee: $350

Two schools can share cost if in close proximity.

District discounts for multiple schools.

For schools outside of 60 mile radius, travel fees will apply for in-person visits.

Bonus: 25 free books for every school that books any visit. Read more about Teresa's individual books, school kits, and teacher kits here.

Team Visit with Bestselling Author Natasha Wing

Check out Teresa's Team Author Visit with Natasha Wing, creator of the bestselling Night Before picture book series. Get two authors to serve grades K-8 in one day. Click here to learn more.

Book Clubs
Teresa's books have been selected for student/parent book clubs at schools, as well as student-run and teacher book clubs. You can find book club questions here. Or have Teresa Skype or Zoom with your book club.

Contact Teresa to get:
Book Order Forms for Your School
A "Look Who's Coming" Poster to Display
A List of Teresa's School Visit Requirements
Fun Homework Assignments
An Easy Writing Exercise to Earn a Free Book