Praise For Her Professional Speaking

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“Inspiring! I can’t say enough good things about Teresa R. Funke. The keynote she gave for our 2021 conference was powerful, honest and heartfelt–a moving look at the realities of the writing life laced with humor, practical tips, and personal experiences that are relatable to all writers from aspiring to pro. Positive feedback is still pouring in and by all accounts our attendees were delighted.”

–Amy Rivers, Director, Northern Colorado Writers Conference

“This year, I chose Teresa Funke to MC our annual EVVY Awards banquet. Our winners expect a high level of professionalism. I knew Teresa would do a fantastic job, and she didn’t disappoint. It is a fast-paced awards program. We hand out around 140 awards in about an hour and a half. The MC needs to make sure that authors are given their due, but also keep the flow going. Teresa was superb. Her opening remarks put a wonderful sense of context to why winning a CIPA EVVY is special. The evening was delightful, poignant, but never overdone. I’m sure we will ask her back in future years!”

— Patricia Ross, President Colorado Independent Publishers Association

“Not only was Teresa a great speaker and very well received by program participants (‘It seemed like Teresa was speaking directly to me. Great tips. Priceless!’), her input on planning also helped us put on a more successful event such as facilitating our panel discussion, suggesting sponsors for the event, and offering to meet one-on-one with authors.”

— Joanna McNeal, Customer Service Manager, Loveland Public Library

“I’ve been arranging speakers for seven years, and your presentation was the best we’ve ever had.”

Brian Kaufman, Penpointers

“Of the more than 100 presenters we’ve had, Teresa was the most articulate. Fine articulation is, like fine writing, a practiced skill. I don’t hand out compliments casually, but couldn’t let Teresa’s efforts to express herself so clearly and concisely pass without a comment. Her talk inspired us all.”

— Jerry Keane and the members of the Sarasota Fiction Writers 

“My first impression of Teresa when we first met was so amazing! With her grace and intuition, I knew she would be a great speaker. She came to do two of her Bursts of Brilliance talks at the opening and closing of my event for women business owners. She spoke to us about vision and creativity, and I couldn’t be more happy with how on-point she was and how well her message resonated with my guests. Thank you so much, Teresa. You’re fabulous!”

— Nancy Haboush, Vistage International

“In my ten years of planning activities for a college community, I have seldom experienced a presentation like yours, in which the speaker is not only a gifted orator, but is able to form a connection with audience members to create an environment for true student learning. Your presentation was among the best I have experienced. And you handled Q & A better than any speaker I’ve ever booked.”

–Robert Suglia, Ph.D, Office of Student Life, Front Range Community College

“Teresa Funke is a dynamic speaker and compelling story teller. Our students were riveted to their seats and eager to read her books after hearing her speak. Her assembly made history come alive and she easily shifted topics as she noticed increased interest or curiosity in related themes. She helped our students to relate inquiry and research to fictional writing.”

–Martha Petty, Media Specialist, Harris Bilingual Immersion School

Teresa Funke was a guest on the Nonfiction Authors Association teleseminar series, and she was great! Her extensive experience as a writer’s coach was evident from the start, as she provided structured advice for each question on how to write and research a nonfiction book. Whether she was providing five secrets or seven steps or posing three questions to ask oneself, Teresa gave our listeners actionable content they could use immediately!

–Patrick Schwerdtfeger, Nonfiction Authors Association

“Teresa is a phenomenal podcast guest. As a creative catalyst, she helps her clients, students, and audiences access their bursts of brilliance. She’s also articulate and eloquent and is able to convey these tricky concepts in accessible terms. If you want a podcast guest who will bring tons of value and wisdom to your show, get her on your show! Highly recommended.

–Izolda Trakhtenberg, Host of Innovative Mindset Podcast

Why You’d Want to Work with Teresa
People hire Teresa not just because she is an accomplished and engaging speaker, but because of her uncanny ability to read an audience, her talent for customization, her lauded on-the-spot thinking, and her ability to inspire people of all ages to believe that success is possible!

“It takes a certain kind of brain to look at an idea–any idea, from any field or industry–and immediately be able to break it down into actionable pieces. Teresa Funke has that kind of brain. I’ve seen it in action: she can assess the big picture, boil it down to its myriad parts, identify the trouble spots, and best of all–she can communicate just how to act on that idea. She’s my favorite go-to brainstormer!”

–Trai Cartwright, president of Craftwrite

“I’ve seen Teresa work not only with individuals, but small business owners as well. Her ability to isolate key points in discussions burdened with generalities, and then pull those details to the forefront of the group discussion, proves she has what it takes to move ideas into action…and success. Pragmatic, straightforward and highly creative, Teresa’s thinking guides the clients through the process, instead of just dumping a bunch of recommendations onto their laps. If you’re looking for a bridge from idea-to-action, this is the place to start.”

–Dean K Miller, Co-Lead: Northern Colorado Chapter-Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, member Northern Colorado Writers Advisory Board

“Teresa Funke’s success as an author, editor, entrepreneur, and coach shows that she knows how to find, nurture, build and market creative ideas. If you want to advance your life’s work and career, then Teresa can help you move faster and farther.”

–Jim Davidson, national Resilience Speaker and author of The Ledge

“Teresa Funke has not only the perceptive, creative mind that can give your ideas big lift, she also has the heart and passion to cheer for your brilliant epiphanies right along with you. Don’t keep your best ideas dormant. Teresa will help you act on them, so we can all benefit from your brilliance.”

–Susan Skog, bestselling author, freelance journalist, and communications director

“Teresa has great intuition for how to act on, nurture, and build an idea. She is patient and kind and the type of person one would want to work with. Teresa can help you live your dreams! We at the Museo are very grateful for the guidance she has provided.”

–Betty Aragon-Mitotes, Director, Museo de las Tres Colonias

“Teresa is sharp and candid. The perfect combination for nurturing an idea to implementation.”

–Merit Gest, President & Onboarding Specialist, Merit-Based Development, Inc.

“Teresa is a master at helping creative people identify their best ideas, hone them, and then execute them in practical, doable steps. If you’re a writer, entrepreneur, team leader, or simply have one of those lightning-bolt inspirations out of the blue, Teresa can show you how to turn that idea into action.”

–Laura Backes, co-founder of Children’s Book Insider and Write for Kids