Bring Theater to Your Conference, Retreat, or Event

Professional speaker, author, performer, and historian Teresa Funke offers this one-woman show - a unique blend of performance, literature, and motivational speaking - to audiences looking for inspiration from the women who changed a nation.

What People are Saying About This One-Woman Show

Comments gathered from audience members after the show:


"Such an incredible book, and an even better experience to see it live!"

"A superb performance! The staging and presentation were magnificent."

"I was so engrossed that time just flew."

"A fabulous show! I came away inspired."

"Teresa has talent beyond writing. Her perfomance was very moving."

"Interesting, creative, inspiring . . . a treat!"

"A great way to learn about the amazing women of World War II."

The Characters:

Kathryn—“Dancing in Combat Boots”
A Red Cross worker on the front lines in France

Charlotte—“The Enemy You Know”
A secretary in a German POW camp near Greeley

Elena— “Las Estrellas De Oro”
A Mexican-American store manager in San Antonio

Marjorie— “Black Smoke Rising”
A military wife at the bombing of Pearl Harbor

Lucy—“Freer Than I’ve Ever Been”
An African-American Army WAC

Attie— “Three Thousand Men”
An artist who sketches hospitalized soldiers

Jean—“When the Dust Settles”
A Japanese-American woman bound for an internment camp

Doris—“Living on the Wind”
A pilot for the Women Airforce Service Pilot program

Irene—“The Sight of You”
A wife awaiting the return of her POW husband

Louise—“Where She Began”
A professional woman who loses her job to a returning vet