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Short Courses

Is There a Book Inside You?

Is there a book inside you? Come and find out! Teresa will help you reach deep down to discover your inner writer. She will share her best tips on thinking and working like a writer and help you figure out how to choose a genre and how to know when an idea is good enough to sustain a story. She will also share specific resources to get you moving in the right direction. If your planner chooses it, she can finish by working one on one with select attendees to help them come up with a perfect writing plan.

How to Self-Publish Successfully

Is self-publishing the right choice for you and, if so, do you start your own press, work with a partner publisher, use a print-on-demand company, make a few copies at Kinkos, or go straight to e-book? It depends on your goal for your book. In this workshop, you'll learn the advantages and disadvantages to self-publishing and get information about the most important aspects to succeeding in this venture, marketing and selling your product.

How to Create a Successful Book Promotion Plan

Successful book promotion starts with you. Whether you self-publish or go the traditional route, it is you who will do most of the marketing for your book. Teresa will explain the top five things you need to know about your project to effectively promote it, and the top five things you need to know about yourself. She’ll also define the difference between a marketing plan and a promotion plan, explain the 4 Ps of Marketing, and tell you what goes through a buyer’s mind when he/she chooses one book over another. Learn to set action items that you will want to follow through on, and most importantly, that are not overwhelming. You’ll walk away with the knowledge to create a promotion plan that is manageable, fun, and successful!

How to Write Historical Fiction

In this workshop, you'll learn what defines good historical fiction and how this genre fits into current adult and youth markets. We'll cover outlining verses free writing, the benefits to character sketches, writing good period dialogue, and most importantly, when to stop researching and start writing! We'll discuss the common pitfalls of historical fiction, such as how to avoid "info dumps," how to stick to the facts without stifling the story, and how to deal appropriately with family events or living sources.

Dialogue Dos and Don'ts: How Your Characters Should Talk

In this popular workshop, Teresa will teach you how to develop an ear for dialogue, with special emphasis on using dialogue to reveal character and propel your story forward. Through listening and writing exercises, you'll learn how to "hear" when your dialogue is working and when it isn't. We'll also discuss pacing, tag lines, dialect and accents, humor, and most importantly, how to tighten your exchanges so every word counts.

Fact and Fiction: Where the Lines Cross

Teresa will lead a discussion on how to properly use facts (whether historical or personal) in your writing. Historical references and real-life experiences can help ground a good story, but fiction writers who manipulate facts to enhance their story take serious risks, as do nonfiction writers and memoirists who embellish the truth. Does this mean you can never use artistic license to improve your stories? Of course not. Come and learn the most effective ways to put fact into your fiction and keep fiction out of your fact.

Keep it Short: Short Stories and Personal Essays

In this 90-minute crash course, you'll learn how to write and sell short stories and personal essays. Find out the difference between literary and commercial markets, what today's editors are looking for, which markets pay the most, how to track submissions, how to craft a cover letter, and how to decipher hidden meanings in those annoying rejection slips.

Writers Groups That Work

Learn how to start and maintain writers groups from a member of one of the most successful groups in the region. Hear tips on establishing rules and submission guidelines, concrete ways to keep members motivated and on track, and ideas for showcasing a groups' collective work.


"Your workshop filled ALL the gaps in my knowledge."

"I've been arranging speakers for Penpointers for seven years, and your presentation was the best we've ever had."

"Everyone was over-the-top pleased with your presentation. I've been getting thank yous left and right for bringing you in."

"I give this seminar five out of five!"

"You gave me the best 'aha' moment in Tuesday night's workshop. I've been waiting over a year for a moment like that! Thank you!"

"Your presentation was one of the most informative and useful we've had in recent memory. An excellent job!"

"Very organized and controlled workshop. You delivered on everything you promised! Excellent info."

"Thank you for your comprehensive workshop. All the accolades I’d heard about your class were deserved. Not only have you put together valuable guidance from years of experience, but you approach teaching with enthusiasm, realism, and obvious concern for each individual’s project. That level of sincere caring was beyond what I expected and greatly appreciated!"

"I had been working on a novel and your talk inspired me to finish and self-publish it in 2008. The book won an IPPY award."

"We LOVED having you! You gave us so much useful information, presented in such an engaging manner. It will be fun to see how the seeds of inspiration and encouragement you planted will grow in the writing of club members."

"Thank you for a terrific, extremely high-content presentation!"

"I enjoyed your session on self-publishing immensely and felt it gave me a great place to start. In the future, I look forward to learning more from you!"*

"Thank you for an awesome, inspiring day!"