Being able to transport readers to another era is a fundamental skill that every author needs in order to build a lasting fiction writing career.

But it’s a tricky subject, and one that has been hard to teach in a concise and clear manner.

In this masterclass, produced through my partner, Writing Blueprints, I’ll teach you:

  • The current market opportunities for historical fiction.
  • The types of historical events that lend themselves to good storytelling.
  • How to avoid major pitfalls like info dumps and imbalances between fact and fiction.
  • Whether you should ever take liberties with history.
  • How to conduct your research and organize your drafts.
  • Whether you should outline or not.
  • How to create believable, engaging characters for your story.
  • How to write dialogue that truly fits your time period.
  • How to choose historical details that make us feel like we’re right there.
  • How to write a children’s book or picture book using historical settings.

Purchase includes the 90-minute masterclass, a PDF of the slides, and a workbook to help you implement the tips.


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