All Great Writers Have One Thing In Common:

They write from the soul.

They put a piece of themselves on every page.

What’s Stopping You From Doing the Same?

We get it. It seems easier — and “safer” — to hide your real self from your readers. To write in a way that’s detached from your personal experiences, your passions, your true authentic self.

And perhaps that’s why, even if you’ve worked hard on your craft, you find that your work simply doesn’t connect with editors, agents and readers.

Because it’s generic.

Because it’s bland.

Because it’s not authentically you.

Award-winning author and writing educator Teresa Funke will help you change that forever.

Writing about experiences from your life can add rich color to your work, and bring out your authentic voice.Teresa will not only give you the courage to write from your personal experience, she’ll provide lots of specific, hands-on instruction on exactly how to do it!

In one info-packed masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to be willing to open yourself up and share your personal experiences.
  • How sharing your life’s triumphs, struggles and lessons can have a major impact on the lives of your readers.
  • How — and when — to share your personal story in fiction, nonfiction and poetry.
  • How to know which parts of your personal story will be of interest to readers.
  • How to deal with fears and concerns about family and friends and what they will think.
  • How to overcome the fear of being judged when you put your true self forward.
  • How to handle feedback and criticism of your personal stories.
  • How writing about your personal story can have a deep impact on all your writing — even when it’s not based on your own experiences.
  • Why sharing your authentic self will transform your passion and joy for writing.

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