Based on a true story . . .

As the only Jewish girl in her New York neighborhood, thirteen-year-old Miriam Liebler has a lot on her mind. World War II is raging, and her brother will soon pack his bags to join the fight. Blackouts and air-raid drills punctuate her daily life. Worse yet, her family has heard nothing from their Jewish relatives in Europe since before the war started, and Miriam fears the worst.

Her friends don’t understand her worries—until she meets Christopher Richards, an orphaned English boy whisked to America to escape the deadly bombings of London. Miriam and Chris exchange candy, comic books, and secrets through the iron bars of the orphanage fence.

When Miriam’s mother takes in a German-Jewish refugee and her daughter, Miriam becomes entangled in the woman’s desperate search to find her family. Will her friendship with Chris survive when trouble brews?

Readers, don’t miss the last few pages to learn more about the real Miriam Liebler.




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Miriam Liebler recognizes the seriousness of war when she befriends an English orphan and a Holocaust refugee.

2013 EVVY Award Winner for Juvenile Fiction

Select Testimonials: 

"Teresa R. Funke tells the terrifying aspects of WWII with delicacy and sensitivity for her young readers, but she doesn't sugar-coat the facts, either. This book is a good addition to literature on the American home front during WWII." - Jennifer Bohnhoff

"This is a great historical novel for young readers. After reading this novel and seeing the viewpoint of the main character of the story, Miriam Libeler, I feel like I have a clear understanding of what it felt like to be a teenager in New York City during World War 2. Miriam guides us through triumph and loss, through fear and faith. This page turner is the perfect addition to any young historical buff's book collection." - Amazon Reviewer

"In this moving story about a Jewish girl living in America during World War II, Teresa Funke demonstrates her skill in inspiring young readers to imagine how, when faced with adversity, they can call on their own values and strengths not only to ensure their own resilience but also to make a positive difference in the lives of those around them."  - Denice Davis