Based on a true story . . .

Fourteen-year-old Tai Shimoda’s family has lost everything. Like many other Japanese-Americans at the start of World War II, Tai’s family has been forced to move to Tule Lake Relocation Center in Northern California. Though he misses his friends back home, Tai does his best to start a new life behind the barbed wire of camp.

But in the spring of 1943, tensions at Tule Lake are growing. Tai’s older brother has joined a group who has refused to swear allegiance to the United States. They call themselves the No-Nos. Tai’s father calls them Disloyals.

When the camp begins to split in two, Tai must decide what he believes. Will he join his beloved brother and the No-Nos or, like his father, remain true to America?

Readers, don’t miss the last few pages to learn more about the real Tai Shimoda.



Tai Shimoda is caught in the middle when trouble breaks out in the Japanese internment camp where he lives.

2008 Colorado Book Award Finalist

Select Testimonials:

“Say ‘Yes’ to The No-No Boys” - The Nichi Bei Times

"This is a story for the classrooms." - Carol Cao

"Beautifully written, The No-No Boys tells the story of one Japanese family forced into a California internment camp during WWII. Tai must determine what it means to be American in the face of such treatment, what loyalty looks like, and, with those around him in disagreement, who is right. An important story, historically accurate and touching." - Cricket McRae, mystery author

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