Teresa is a master at helping creative people identify their best ideas, hone them, and then execute them in practical, doable steps. If you’re a writer, entrepreneur, team leader, or simply got one of those lightning-bolt inspirations out of the blue, Teresa can show you how to turn that idea into action.

–Laura Backes, publisher of Children’s Book Insider: The Newsletter for Children’s Writers and the CBI Clubhouse website

Teresa coaches by coming alongside you, listening well, and providing a fresh perspective. Her guidance is both aspirational and concrete, able to turn big dreams into solid first steps. With OpenStage Theatre, she tailored her approach to our non-profit arts organization, helping us find creative ways to accomplish our goals with limited resources.

— Elizabeth Zurn, Managing Director, OpenStage Theatre

I’ve seen Teresa work not only with individuals, but small business owners as well. Her ability to isolate key points in discussions burdened with generalities, and then pull those details to the forefront of the group discussion, proves she has what it takes to move ideas into action…and success. Pragmatic, straightforward and highly creative, Teresa’s thought process guides the clients through the process, instead of just dumping a bunch of recommendations onto their laps. If your looking for a bridge from idea-to-action, this is the place to start.”

–Dean K Miller, Co-Lead: Northern Colorado Chapter-Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, member Northern Colorado Writers Advisory Board

Teresa Funke’s success as an author, editor, entrepreneur, and coach shows that she knows how to find, nurture, build and market creative ideas. If you want to advance your life’s work and career, then Teresa can help you move faster and farther.

–Jim Davidson, national Resilience Speaker and author of The Ledge

Teresa Funke has not only the perceptive, creative mind that can give your ideas big lift, she also has the heart and passion to cheer for your brilliant epiphanies right along with you. Don’t keep your best ideas dormant. Teresa will help you act on them, so we can all benefit from your brilliance.

–Susan Skog, bestselling author, freelance journalist, and communications professional

As a coach, Teresa has great intuition for how to act on, nurture, and build an idea. She is patient and kind and the type of person one would want to work with. Teresa can help you live your dreams! We at the Museo are very grateful for the guidance she has provided.

–Betty Aragon-Mitotes, Director, Museo de las Tres Colonias

Teresa is sharp and candid. The perfect combination for nurturing an idea to implementation.

–Merit Gest, President & Onboarding Specialist, Merit-Based Development, Inc.

It takes a certain kind of brain to look at an idea–any idea, from any field or industry–and immediately be able to break it down into actionable pieces. Teresa Funke has that kind of brain. I’ve seen it in action: she can assess the big picture, boil it down to its myriad parts, identify the trouble spots, and best of all–she can communicate just how to act on that idea. She’s my favorite go-to brainstormer!”

–Trai Cartwright, president of Craftwrite