"Any form of publishing can be daunting and mystifying. Teresa Funke is one of the wisest, savviest guides to the publishing world I have found. She has helped me better navigate the industry and take my work to the highest level of success. She guided me in developing and executing an in-depth marketing plan, finding speaking engagements and getting clear on my long-term writing goals. I’ve treasured her insights and guidance!"

-- Susan Skog, author of five books, including Peace in Our Lifetime: Insights from the World’s Peacemakers

"I never had a question Teresa couldn't answer, and her friendship, guidance, and encouragement saw me to the end.
I met Teresa at her That Book Inside You workshop and knew I wanted to work with her. I began with two essays and an idea, and nine months later I had the first draft of my book. Along the way Teresa suggested a contest where she thought one of my chapters would fit. I entered and, I'm happy to say, I won! It was a bonus I hadn't expected. My book is now published!"

--Marge Warsavage, author of Wearing the Red Bandanna

"Teresa's coaching was the perfect link to getting my book published!
She skillfully fine-tuned the final draft, explained the multifaceted world of publishing with its unique nuances and language, and helped analyze the best approach into that world for my book. I value Teresa's experience and am truly grateful for her shared wisdom!"

--Linda Land, author of The Gift of Remission: A Journey into Multiple Sclerosis and Back Again

"From the very first conversation I felt an affinity and resonance with Teresa.

She was obviously knowledgeable, personable, and professional. She proved to be ethical and honest, transparent and supportive, interested and invested in my ‘coming out’ as an author. She reviewed the assorted writing samples I sent and provided insightful critique and encouragement, suggesting several different ways I might organize my material. She soon made the observation that, since there were so many poems interspersed throughout the writings, I might begin with a collection of poems.

She augmented our appointments with documents and resources regarding editing, organizing, marketing, promoting, submitting, and deciding between traditional and self-publishing. She generously shared not only practical information, but also wisdom, reassurance and support. Teresa was the first to make me feel as if I might really be an author. She was the first to tell me that I had ‘the heart of a poet.’ Truth be told, that brought me to tears, for I never in a million years could have imagined such a possibility!"

-- Rev. Greta Sesheta, author of Poems to Wake Up To

"I first met Teresa at a writer’s conference and immediately knew her assistance would be invaluable as I began my my writing and self-publishing journey for my initial book. As a newbie author (new to publishing my work) I felt overwhelmed, doubtful, scared and of course excited to finally write the book that had been rolling around in my head for several years. After drafting my introduction section, I contacted Teresa for coaching assistance. It was the best 90 minutes I spent! Not only did she walk me through my introduction, offering suggestions, she also gave me a roadmap for the whole writing, publishing and marketing process. Just as she does in her YouTube videos and blogs, she broke my tasks down so that I felt they were manageable as opposed to daunting. She helped me create order and an action plan out of what was chaos in my head. I referred back to my notes many times as I wrote, revised, researched self-publishing options, and planned marketing strategies. Her YouTube videos and blogs were invaluable to me when I got stuck, needed encouragement or motivation. I am looking forward to working with Teresa as I now start my second project."

Janne Siegel, author of Mountain Tails

"An excellent coach, in my opinion, manages the delicate balance between criticism and support. Teresa Funke easily accomplishes both. In my experience, her praise highlights a client’s strengths while her honest critiques provide a remedy for weaknesses. Her remarkable patience, as well as her experience and knowledge, guided me through some enormous barriers in my own writing. I can truly say that, without her assistance, I would not have been able to publish my essays, poems, and novel. Her twenty plus years of researching, writing, editing, coaching, and teaching more than qualify her as an expert. I cannot say enough about her extraordinary talents and have often recommended Teresa Funke’s services to other writers."

--Carol Strazer, author of Barbed Wire and Daisies

"Faced with retirement, my wife and I took up the challenge of writing a novel. It didn’t take long to realize we needed professional coaching, so we signed on to work with Teresa. Five short stories and two published novels later, we are now collaborating with Teresa on our third book to complete The Gumshoe Chronicles trilogy. Teresa is supportive and committed to helping us elevate our writing skills. She tailored her coaching to match our learning styles and continues to provide frank and in-depth written and verbal feedback in a timely and professional manner. We've been impressed with the diversity of skills she possesses in all aspects of the publication process. We value the relationship we have developed with Teresa and highly recommend her as a writing coach."

--Tom and Judy Viola, authors of The Gumshoe Chronicles trilogy

“While I was caught up in perfecting the creative side of my book, Teresa helped me figure out the practical side of publishing and printing. It was nice to work with someone who had gone through the steps before so I could make the book the best it could be."

--Michael Myers, author of Count the Clouds

"Teresa Funke has been my writing coach for the last five years and is wonderful to work with. She has an extraordinary talent for finding the right spot for a new writer to submit their stories. Among other suggestions, she strongly encouraged me to use my medical background, suggesting I write a blog to build an audience. Now I write a twice-weekly post aimed at translating what I term "Med-speak" into understandable English. My readership has swelled to over 3,000 so far and one entry garnered comments in five languages!"

--Peter Springberg blogs at peterdspringbergmdfacp.com

“The transition from academic writing - textbooks, journal articles, etc. - which I did for 35 years, to creative writing - novels, short stories, etc. - which I have only just begun, has not been easy. Nor is the whole business side of writing. Having a superb coach to guide, support, and encourage me along the way has been essential. I would recommend Teresa Funke to any writer, beginner or advanced, who wants to enjoy the process and advance in their craft."

--John Paul McKinney, author of Charlie's Angle

"I turned to Teresa Funke when I was mired in the endless tasks and choices of publishing my book.With her insights and guidance, I was able to move forward in a direction that best fit my situation. Teresa’s coaching is honest, practical, and effective."

--Carol Jones, co-author of Toward College Success: Is Your Teenager Ready, Willing and Able?

"Teresa Funke is an outstanding writing coach!
Her support and insights continue to guide me through the challenging process of novel writing. Teresa has helped me to develop confidence as a writer. She pushes me to go deeper into my characters and story and never fails to catch the holes in my plot. I have a cheerleader in Teresa. When I feel discouraged, she encourages me to keep writing. I'm impressed by the extent of her knowledge about the craft. As I seek to discover my own unique voice as a writer, I feel fortunate to have someone to show my work to that I trust and whose opinion I value. As a result of her coaching, I have seen my writing improve significantly."

--Christine Dowd, California

"Whatever your writing goals, Teresa can help you accomplish them. She coached me in the very beginning, when my book was nothing more than an idea, and again at the end, offering advice on how to publish and market my finished product. She is organized, knowledgeable and professional, and with her help, my book has become a tremendous success!"

--Pat Walker, author of Dance of the Electric Hummingbird: An Ordinary Woman's Accidental Journey to Enlightenment, the Supernatural, and Rock Star Sammy Hagar

"My two sessions with Teresa helped me zero in on where I needed to focus my efforts. They also provided confirmation from a trusted source that I was indeed heading down the right path. Lastly, after several days of going back and forth with my editor on the title, which I never felt was quite right, Teresa provided just the tweaks it needed to make it perfect!"

Kris Sampson, author of Leave Cancer in the Dust: 50 Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer and Supercharge Your Health

"Teresa Funke is concise and to the point and absolutely brimming with great information!She is a terrific coach! Every question I had, she either had the answer for on the spot or got back to me with it very quickly. I have a folder full of her suggestions and can’t imagine trying to get my kids’ book published without her."

--Martha Goodell, Colorado


I love writing. Publishing is another matter. I met Teresa when she presented at the Steamboat Springs Writers’ Conference in 2014. She had not only figured out the complex, ever-changing publishing industry, but was able to impart that information in a way someone who is not business-minded could understand. Like most new writers, money is an issue, but Teresa’s expertise has proven to be an excellent return on my investment. Part of my individual coaching included writing press releases. The first time I sent out press releases I was interviewed by CBS.

--Linda Kinnamon, author of Alchemy of the Afterlife

"Teresa provided a road map to follow while navigating the often confusing, frustrating world of writing and publishing a book. Her patience and timely responses to my many questions enabled me to continue reaching for my goal. When I was attempting to assemble a team to finish my project, she provided a phenomenal list of qualified people for consideration. Without her knowledge, resources, and encouragement, I’m not sure my book would have ever been published. I will forever be grateful that Teresa believed in me and my dad’s story.”

--Ken Elder Bledsoe, author of Echoes From an Eagle

My writing took exponential leaps when I started working with Teresa as a writing coach. I’m a late-comer to taking my writing seriously. I wanted someone willing to be forthright about my work and what I would need to do to become a published author.

A year later and I still hear Teresa’s voice warn me when I’ve taken a detour in my writing that doesn’t work, telling me to turn around and go back to where I needed to be. My writing is more confident and powerful, and my book nearly finished. It took me nearly fifty years to be able to state that I’m a good writer and I have something important to say. I have Teresa to thank for that.

--Mary Roberts, writer

"My book started out as a self-published print book ten years ago. In February, a revised version of the book was republished by the American Cancer Society. Getting to this point was a matter of a few vital decisions, hard work, and some good luck along the way. My consultation with Teresa proved to be a pivotal part of this process--a turning point, really. Whether you are a beginning writer or more experienced, whether you are just starting out with an idea for a book or working on revisions—seeking guidance at any point in the creation of a book—Teresa is an invaluable resource. As an excellent published writer herself, she offers a treasure trove of inside knowledge, helpful information, and resources."

--Colleen Fullbright, author of How to Help Your Friend With Cancer