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"I truly love this woman! Teresa puts a unique spin on all the negatives to writing that makes you want to keep going, that makes you walk away feeling good about virtually everything. I plan to listen to every single video, and that's something considering I don't always want to hang around for endings."
--Ginger Lauridsen

"Thank you, thank you, thank you...this is such an informative video!"

"I think this is one of the most inspiring videos I have seen! Thanks a ton Teresa."

"I go to my first writer's conference in April in NYC, and thanks to this video I am more prepared than I thought I would be."

"Fantastic video! Thanks for helping me take a realistic long view of the road to writing and becoming published."

"Thank you for the great advice. I will watch it again, to make sure I have those words embedded into my head. Along with, not giving up."

"Thank you for sharing your idea - I was about to give up, however, after watching your video, I feel inspired to continue."

"Great information, Teresa. I had never really recognized the various forms of writer’s block, and this equips me to battle them!"

"Teresa, thanks! These were clear, focused points that will move my writing journey forward!"

"Many thanks, Teresa. Facing my first meeting with an editor soon, and your video was succinct and very clear."

"Thank you so much, Teresa. Excellent ideas to get myself organized and empowered!"

"Teresa, I have been working on finding the perfect title for one of my manuscripts for what seems like a lifetime, Thanks to your video, I have now settled on the final one. Thank you so much!"

Thank you for a goose bump-inducing video!