An instructional all-day intensive by Noted Author and Writer's Coach Teresa R. Funke.

This material is now also available through a six-week group coaching teleseminar for participants across the nation. For more information, click here

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That Book Inside You Workshop
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All That Book Inside You Workshops include lunch, snacks, and an in-depth workbook. "The workbook alone was worth the price of admission," one workshop attendee said.

As a bonus, each attendee also receives a 30-minute follow-up coaching phone call from Teresa!

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No problem. Teresa now offers her That Book Inside You program nationwide as a six-week teleseminar. To learn more, visit her Writer's Coaching page.

Downloadable Handouts

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It All Starts with an Idea . . .

A middle-of-the-night brainstorm or a concept that's been building—and you know you've got a book inside you. But how do you begin? And where do you go from there? In this six-hour intensive, successful author and writer's coach Teresa R. Funke will teach you.

How to Get Started:
Is your idea sound? Can it sustain a book? How do you embark on research; get to know your characters or subject matter; learn the craft of writing . . .

How to Write:
Where do you start your book or story? Do you need an outline? How do you choose a point of view; develop characters and/or anecdotes; manage your content or structure your plot . . .

How to Revise:
How do you know when your book is really done. Do you need a collaborator or proofreader? How do you tighten your writing; check pacing; handle rewrites; get feedback . . .

How to Prepare Your Work for Submission:
What are your publishing options? Is self-publishing or an e-book the route for you? How do you write query and cover letters; track submissions; build a buzz for your book before you submit . . .

How to Find an Editor or Agent:
Do you need an agent? How do you write a book proposal or a synopsis? Should you present your work at a conference; enter a contest; contact editors directly . . .

How to Manage Your Published Book:
What happens after you get that publishing contract or produce your own book? How much marketing do you have to do? How do you develop a marketing plan; approach the press; speak on the radio; present at schools . . .

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"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have gone over your workbook several times and am gearing up to write! Thanks for the inspiration."

"This was just what I needed to get started! It’s the first step of many more to come. Thanks for your caring presentation!"

"This was the best investment I've ever made for myself. I can't remember the last time I learned so much in one six-hour period."

"Thank you for taking the mystery out of the entire book process! I appreciate you condensing 20 years of lessons and research into this all-day workshop and sharing your insights. The workbook is chock-full of valuable information and will be easy to use. Thank you for being so upbeat, encouraging and supportive. This is the single most important workshop a writer should take if she's serious about becoming a published author."

"Wonderful workshop! The workbook is exceptional. I'm sitting down to read it cover to cover."

"Thank you for your comprehensive workshop. All the accolades I’d heard about your class were deserved. Not only have you put together valuable guidance from years of experience, but you approach teaching with enthusiasm, realism, and obvious concern for each individual’s project. That level of sincere caring was beyond what I expected and greatly appreciated!"

"The workshop was very helpful and reinforcing."

"The workshop was quite useful and encouraging. Thank you for sharing your accumulated knowledge and telling me the truth about my progress. It caused me to dig deep and ask myself the kind of questions you asked."

"Thank you for an awesome, inspiring day!"

"The That Book Inside You Workbook is worth the cost of the class on its own. It's incredibly comprehensive, detailed and friendly. I can only imagine how many fledgling writers could benefit from it!"

"Thanks for being so willing to share your expertise and enthusiasm for writing! Very rich, worthwhile day!"

"Great presentation, location, food—learned a lot and maybe I can move forward now."

"I really enjoyed your workshop today! I was impressed with your preparation and professionalism. I learned so much and am inspired for my writing journey!"