The Wisdom of World War II


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We Make What Matters, Matter

This talk is ideal for businesses, groups, conferences, or organizations who want to inspire their members to grow through adversity. And for book festivals, conferences, or events who want to inspire book lovers and writers to believe that stories matter.

In this keynote address, Teresa shares her author's journey to find, research, and tell the moving stories of World War II's everyday heroes. The men, women, and even children who gave their all for the war effort and learned in the process what really matters.

In this keynote, audiences will discover:

  • The amazing true story of how Teresa met the survivors of the Battle of Wake Island and determined to tell their little-known story.

  • How times of great challenge in our lives can lead to great growth.

  • How to apply the wisdom of these everyday heroes to help them determine what really matters in their own lives.

We Can Do It: Thriving in Times of Adversity

This talk is ideal for businesses, groups, or organizations wishing to inspire their leaders, employees, or members to overcome adversity and achieve higher success.

Author, speaker, and historian Teresa Funke has written six award-winning books based on true stories from WWII, including Dancing in Combat Boots: and other Stories of American Women in WWII.

In this keynote, audiences will learn:

  • How the women of the Greatest
    Generation moved beyond traditional
    roles and pushed the boundaries of
    their sex.

  • How they thrived in one of the most
    stressful times in history in some of the most adverse conditions

  • How they changed the fabric of
    society by relying on core human
    traits and some surprisingly
    feminine qualities.

  • How those messages can direct and
    inspire women and men today.