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How Long It Really Takes To Write A Book

Discover the elusive answer to the question, "How long does it really take to write a book?" Teresa walks you through the calculations. If you like this product, you can choose from lots of other great downloads below!

The 3 Ps of Success

Price: $5.99

Teresa defines the 3 things all writers must do to succeed in writing and publishing.

Goal Setting for Writers

Price: $5.99

Teresa Funke takes you through the steps for setting practical, achievable goals that will keep you inspired and moving forward.

How to Handle Rejection

Price: $5.99

Teresa Funke offers inspiring but practical tips for how to power through rejection to achieve your writing goals.

How to Accept Feedback on Your Writing

Price: $5.99

Teresa Funke offers her best tips for how to solicit good feedback on your writing and how to adapt those suggestions to improve your work.

How to Title Your Fiction Novel

Price: $5.99

Teresa shares several techniques for how to land on the perfect title for your works of fiction for children or adults.

How to Find the Perfect Agent for Your Book

Price: $5.99

Teresa shares tips for how to find and secure the perfect agent, and what to do if the relationship isn't working.

How to Pitch to Agents and Editors at Conferences

Price: $5.99

Teresa Funke shares best tips for how to nail that agent/editor pitch session at a writer's conference.

Redefining Success for Writers

Price: $5.99

Teresa explores the new ways we characterize success in our industry and encourages writers to continue to push the boundaries and to determine their own definitions of success.

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