Great Ideas Giveaway Series

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For Artists, Writers, and Entrepreneurs

Download these printed versions of Teresa's Great Ideas Giveaway video series on YouTube. In this series, Teresa shares solid business ideas for artists and entrepreneurs complete with steps to launch, explanations of revenue streams, and things to watch for. Take these ideas and integrate them into your own business models.

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What To Do With Your Crazy Ideas

In this transcript, Teresa shares tips on how to not dismiss your "crazy" ideas too early and steps to help you test whether those ideas could fly.

Art Cafes

Price: $7.99

Business idea for art cafes staffed by local artists who interact with patrons and sell their art in a creative culinary atmosphere.

School Kit Program

Price: $7.99

Business idea for turning your art or product into school kits that can be used in the classroom.

Art Giveaways for Newsletters

Price: $7.99

Model for how businesses can profit from featuring local artists in their newsletters.

Daily Deals for Artists

Price: $7.99

Business idea for a daily deals website selling featured artwork to individual buyers across the country.

Art Nights

Price: $7.99

Community and business idea for a regular event featuring artists of different mediums coming together to cross-promote to each other's audiences.

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