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Teresa Funke was a guest on the Nonfiction Authors Association teleseminar series, and she was great! Her extensive experience as a writer’s coach was evident from the start, as she provided structured advice for each question on how to write and research a nonfiction book. Whether she was providing five secrets or seven steps or posing three questions to ask oneself, Teresa gave our listeners actionable content they could use immediately.

--Patrick Schwerdtfeger

Is There a Book Inside You?

I work with people who want to write a book for publication or pleasure through one-on-one and group coaching. My coaching provides real-world knowledge, encouragement, guidance, and accountability. Let's move you from where you are to where you want to be in a way that saves you time and money!

Teresa's One-on-One Coaching

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Coaching Space is Limited:

Teresa has helped over 150 clients:

  • publish books, short stories, essays, and articles
  • launch websites and blogs
  • complete synopses and book proposals
  • acquire literary agents
  • create marketing plans to promote their projects

She has been working as a professional writer's coach since 2005. One of the first coaches in the area, Teresa defined a new style for working with writers focused on goal identification coupled with a unique combination of both critiquing and consulting. Teresa has worked with everyone from brand-new writers to published authors looking to develop a marketing plan.

She draws from over 23 years of experience in writing and publishing. She is also a professional speaker and teaches writing workshops, including her most popular workshop, That Book Inside You: How to Write It, Publish It, Sell It.

How She Works:

Teresa does one-on-one coaching with her clients in 90-minute sessions. In-person consultations are available only in Fort Collins. All consultations outside of the area will be conducted by phone. Frequency of meetings is always up to the client. About 50% of Teresa's clients sign up for regularly scheduled meetings in order to progress more quickly through their projects or stay on task to meet their timelines. Others return when they reach their first benchmark and are ready to move forward. The choice is always up to the client!

To learn more about Teresa's coaching and availability or to schedule a consultation, contact Teresa at
970-215-4155 or

NEW! Nationwide That Book Inside You Group Coaching Program

Couldn't be Easier:

Gather 6 or more of your writing friends (located anywhere in the country) and contact Teresa to book your private That Book Inside You Group Coaching session.

Sessions run six weeks. Calls begin at 6:00 p.m. (mountain standard time) and will be taped for replay.

In six one-hour phone calls, Teresa will cover the steps to writing, revising, publishing, and selling a book, with additional Q & A time at the end.

Free to Each Participant:

--Teresa's highly-rated That Book Inside You workbook provides 123 pages of additional information, sample forms, lists of resources, writing tips, and so much more!

--One 60-minute personal consultation with Teresa.

We Welcome:
Writers of all levels and genres.

If you're striving to identify your unique goals for your writing, figure out the steps it will take to achieve those goals, get solid advice that applies directly to your work, consult with someone who will give you the best of her experience and realistic but encouraging answers, this is the program for you!

Session Breakdowns:
To read full descriptions of each session covered, as well as testimonials, click here.

To Book a Session:
The cost per six-week session is $595, including the workbook, handouts, and a 60-minute consultation with Teresa

For more information or to book a session for your group or organization contact Teresa at: 970-215-4155 or

My Commitment to You

My clients will tell you that trust is an important factor for me. You have to be able to trust that I will ALWAYS tell you the truth and keep your best interests at heart. I will work hard to make sure you get the best writing advice I can offer and to help you avoid those easy-to-make mistakes that will cost you time, money, and credibility in an ever-more-crowded publishing world.

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