Marketing and Idea Consultations

Generate, Translate, Motivate

Teresa offers a limited number of marketing and idea development consultations to artists, arts organizations or nonprofits, and creative entrepreneurs. She specializes in customer engagement and outreach, product development, and cross-promotion.

Teresa helps generate new ideas, translate them into a framework that fits your business or life, and provide motivation to move you toward action. To read testimonials, click here.

Idea Giveaway for Artists and Entrepreneurs

Please check out my video playlist, "Great Ideas Giveaway," which is available on my YouTube channel. In these videos, I will be giving away fully formed ideas for artists and entrepreneurs with steps and revenue streams attached. These are some of my best ideas--some that I currently use in my own business and some that I think could be game-changers. They are yours to take and integrate into your own business models. You can download transcripts of these videos here. Let's see where these ideas can take us!