2010 Colorado Book Award Finalist

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The Home-Front Heroes Series - For ages 8 and older

V for Victory

Based on a true story in the summer of 1943 . . .

Twelve-year-old Miguel Montoya feels left behind. Everyone else in his large family is “doing his part” during World War II. His brother is flying dangerous missions over enemy territory, while his sister and aunt are home-front volunteers. Miguel offers to take their places in the family grocery store, only to be told he’s not old enough to do anything more than sweep floors and keep an eye on his bothersome little nephew, Victor.

So when the Empire Theatre announces a scrap metal contest to help the war effort, Miguel decides to win! As he and his best friend, Gary, scour their San Antonio neighborhood for old scrap, they keep one eye on the military planes that fill the skies and one eye out for bullies threatening to steal their stash.

When Miguel befriends a wounded soldier, though, the realities of war hit home. And on the fateful day when his family needs him most, it is Miguel who must do his part to save his nephew.

Readers, don’t miss the last few pages to learn more about the real Miguel Montoya.

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Miguel Montoya tiene doce años y se siente abandonado. Cada persona en su familia esta haciendo “su parte” para apoyar la guerra. Su hermano está volando en misiones peligrosas sobre el territorio enemigo y su hermana y su tía están trabajando como voluntarias por el pueblo. Miguel se ofrece para tomar sus lugares en la tienda de comestibles de la familia pero le dicen que no es suficientemente grande para eso pero que puede barrer el suelo y vigilar a su sobrinito, el muy tremendo, Víctor. Así, que cuando el Teatro Empire anuncia un concurso de chatarra para ayudar a ganar la Guerra, ¡Miguel decide ganar! Mientras él y su mejor amigo Gary buscan chatarra por todo su barrio, echan una mirada a los aviones militares que llenaban los cielos y otra mirada a los matones que amenazaban con quitarles lo que habían acumulado. Cuando Miguel se hizo amigo de un soldado herido, las realidades de la guerra le afectaron mucho. Y el día decisivo cuando su familia le necesita más, es Miguel quien tiene que hacer su parte para salvar a su sobrino. Lectores, no olviden las últimas páginas para aprender más sobre el verdadero Miguel Montoya.

Meet the Real Miguel Montoya


Just a few of our Kudos from fans:

My 8-year-old son does very well in reading at school, but "doesn't like to read." I had to pry away my Kindle last night after he started V for Victory just to get him to go to bed.

--Rich Matzinger, parent

Fascinating, fun, and touching historical fiction! Inspired by her own family history, Funke tells a fun and fascinating story set in Texas during World War II, from a boy's point of view. While deftly weaving in multiple plot-lines, Funke makes you care about the well-developed characters, who are depicted in a vivid, historically accurate context. The fast pace and well-done action and suspense make this a page-turner. This is the third book in a fabulous series that gives an authentic picture of how people (especially kids) of different racial, religious, and cultural heritages played a role in the World War II. These are unusual, interesting, and valuable perspectives for kids and their parents and teachers. The author's notes at the end are sure to generate discussion in the classroom and among family members. Another winner!

--Laura Resau, author of Red Glass and The Indigo Notebook

My favorite book is V for Victory, because it's inspiring to read about wars. I think it would be super fun to be a kid in the 1940s because there were a lot of contests, and I am very competitive. Also, I would love to have my family run a store and have me helping out.

--Sadie, age 11

V for Victory is a winner! In a field that could really use more boy-centric books, this is a great find! Young readers, boys and girls, will love Miguel Montoya -- he's a natural leader, looking out for his family, friends and community while World War II rages on.

Teresa Funke just keeps growing as a writer, and this a great addition to her series of historical young adult books. Miguel's too young to do the grown-up things his family could really use now that his brother is off at war, but he's determined to help any way he can. This includes taking care of his nephew, gathering metal for a scrap drive, and even looking out for the local disabled veteran.

All of Teresa's Home-Front Heroes books have family and community-oriented themes, as well as empowering messages for kids about being able to make a real impact on their world.

--Trai Cartwright, Craftwrite

I loved V for Victory! It is so warm-hearted and appealing, and, for young readers, so full of good information and story. For us older ones , it brought back so many great memories of the war years.

--Marge Warsavage

V for Victory carries on the Home-Front Heroes series tradition as a great read for adults as well as children. This book has an expertly woven plot and characters based on a true story.

--Nancy Hansford, Coloradoan book reviewer